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Winder Lane, Flookburgh, Grange-over-Sands LA11 7LE

Telephone: 015395 58434

Religious Education

Religious Education

Our vision for Religious Education (RE)

At this school, RE expresses and strengthens our vision, ethos and values that are at the heart of what we aim to do in every aspect of school life that offers human flourishing for all. The importance placed on the development of the whole child spiritually, morally, socially, culturally and intellectually is reflected in the RE curriculum.
In Flookburgh Church of England School where pupils and staff come from different faiths and none, RE is a highly valued academic subject that enables understanding of how religion and beliefs affect our lives. There is ‘a commitment to generous hospitality, being true to our underpinning faith, but with a deep respect for the integrity of other religious traditions (and worldviews) and for the religious freedom of each person. (Statement of Entitlement 2019)
The school provides an RE curriculum that is rich and varied and studies a range of world religions and worldviews. At the heart of RE in this school is the teaching of Christianity, rooted in the person and work of Jesus Christ that enables learners to acquire a thorough knowledge and understanding of the Christian faith.
Our aim is to provide a wide range of opportunities for learners to understand and to make links between the beliefs, practices and value systems of the range of faiths studied. Links with the Christian vision and values of the school are intrinsic to our RE curriculum. We aim to provide suitable learning opportunities that match the needs of all children. This includes providing relevant support, differentiated activities and a range of teaching and learning styles within lessons.
Pupils are encouraged to know about, understand and respond to the ultimate questions of life and ethical issues. Our curriculum inspires pupils to explore, develop and affirm their own faith and values whilst having respect for the faith, beliefs and values of others. We are committed to education for wisdom, hope, community and dignity.

The Teaching and Learning of R.E:

As a Foundation school, we legally have to adopt the Cumbria Local Authority agreed syllabus

Parents have a legal right in accordance with the Education act 1996 to withdraw their children from RE lessons. As this subject is central to the life and identity of Flookburgh Church of England School, we ask parents to discuss with the head teacher any reasons they might have for doing this.

• We follow the Diocesan units of work
• There are clear learning outcomes for all units of work, based on the appropriate expectations as set out in the RE syllabus.
• RE has at least 5% of curriculum time i.e. 50 minutes per week in the foundation stage and key stage 1 increasing to 1 hour per week in key stage 2.
• Long term plans for RE ensure that there is continuity and progression for all pupils.
• Pupil progress and attainment in RE is tracked and recorded by each class teacher
• Progress in RE is included in each child’s annual report to parents.
• Inclusion and differentiation for children with SEND and EAL are an integral part of RE planning and teaching
• RE is taught either as a discrete subject or as part of a cross- curricular approach where appropriate.
• A range of visitors support the teaching of RE, and whenever possible, there will be planned visits to places of worship
• In this school the faiths taught in RE are:
• Christianity, Islam and Buddhism
• Other religions and worldviews may be taught implicitly or when comparing ideas or as thematic studies.
• Of the RE taught, 70% focusses on Christianity and 30% focusses on other faiths.
• Wherever possible, links are made between Religious Education and other curriculum subjects

Religious Education Policy:

RE Policy – February 2019

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