Winder Lane, Flookburgh, Grange-over-Sands LA11 7LE

Telephone: 015395 58434

Winder Lane, Flookburgh, Grange-over-Sands LA11 7LE

Telephone: 015395 58434

Collective Worship

Collective Worship

‘Together, We Believe, Anything is Possible’

Our Collective Worship and Celebration Assemblies are underpinned by Christian Values and we have worked very hard to develop a deeper understanding of these values and the important part they play in the lives of our children and school community. Our Collective Worships are led primarily by staff, but we are seeing an increasing involvement from pupils, with some now being pupil led entirely. It is hoped that by giving the pupils ownership of Collective Worships, they are better able to explore the issues and can convey pertinent ideas to their peers in language which they can understand.

Through our partnership with the church and clergy, our Monday morning worship is led by a member of the church; the focus of which is then built upon and developed throughout the week, through daily acts of Collective Worship delivered by all members of staff.  This focus is again celebrated on Friday mornings during our Celebration Assembly, with parents/carers and extended family members sharing in the children’s achievements.

As part of our commitment to reflect, review and improve what we do, we greatly value comments and feedback about our Collective Worship and Celebration Assemblies.  If you are able to spare a few minutes to share your thoughts and ideas on how to improve what we do, or to just let us know what you like and enjoy, please collect a feedback slip from the main entrance; we are very keen to know what you think!

Further to the daily acts of Collective Worship, we are also visited once a month by Mark and Sarah Callaghan, through ‘Jester For Jesus Ministries’, to share stories from the Bible in a fun and engaging way; the children really look forward to these assemblies and love to join in!

If you would like to find out more about the work that Mark and Sarah do you can follow their blog on:

We also work closely with the local Network Youth Team who plan and deliver a lunchtime club for children across Key Stage 2 as well as organising a termly ‘Messy Church’ activity workshop for the whole school and our families.

Please continue to explore our website to find out more about the special place that is Flookburgh School.

Mrs Gill Pett



Collective Worship Policy:

Collective Worship Policy 2019


Collective Worship Gallery

Just a few photos of some of the Collective Worship activities our children and community have been involved with …

Revd. Rach – Jesus Calms the Storm


Revd. Rach had some help retelling a miracle of Jesus today! We heard the story (Mark 4:35-41) of how Jesus managed to sleep through a storm which terrified his disciples; he then awoke to calm the storm and save everyone’s lives.






Revd. Rach – Outdoor Worship


Where better to celebrate God’s creation than outside surrounded by it?! We took today’s collective worship out onto the playground where we listened for signs of God’s gifts to us. We heard birds singing, trees swaying, sheep bleating and many other wonderful things! What is the best way to show our appreciation of our world? Running around showing our happiness! We finished our worship by coming back together to sing ‘Thank You Lord‘ mentioning our own thoughts of gratitude.



Miss Cuthbertson – Writing our own Psalm


Following on from last week, today we shared ideas to write our own school psalm to celebrate all that we love about nature. We then sang ‘Our God is a Great Big God’ to celebrate! Our Psalm in full:

God, thank you for creating our world,
God is like flowers, He brightens our day,
The waves show us how strong He is.
He is like the stars, always there
When we can’t see Him.
Thank you for being strong when we are upset,
Your power is like natural disasters,
It can be scary like spiders.
Thank you for wildlife,
Thank you for the sun to keep us warm,
It makes me feel excited, overwhelmed and thankful.
God is my soul.



Revd Rach – Fish Finger Kindness!


We all got a surprise when we arrived for Collective Worship this morning: Revd Rach was already in the hall frying fish fingers?! What on Earth was she up to?!







Collective Worship Reflection

All children within school were asked to reflect on what Collective Worship means to them, and also ways in which improvements could be made if necessary. All of the feedback offered a valuable insight into how the children feel about worship and the place it has within their lives. A selection of their thoughts can be read below.

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