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Winder Lane, Flookburgh, Grange-over-Sands LA11 7LE

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Early Years Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 

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Early Years Foundation Stage 

In the Early Years Foundation Stage we plan using the ‘Birth to 5 Matters’ non-statutory guidance to support the introduction of the revised Statutory Framework for Early Years Foundation Stage in England 2021.  This guidance outlines the foundations of good practice and offers information and guidance for our teachers to consider how the Principles of the EYFS can be brought to life in the classroom. 

For greater detail of what the Early Years curriculum looks like in the classroom please visit Hill Top Class page.

Please follow this link: The Birth to 5 Matters website to find out more information about our Early Years curriculum.

For more information regarding the Early Years Framework, please follow these links

Early Years Standards

Early Years Framework


Children at Flookburgh CE Primary School are taught to read and spell using systematic synthetic phonics across the year groups. In the Early Years and Year 1, our phonics curriculum is structured using Read Write Inc. Phonics forms a discrete part of the timetable in both Hilltop and Dove Class. All children in Year 1 must undergo the Phonics Screening Check, whereby they apply their phonics knowledge to decode both real and pseudo (alien) words. Throughout KS1 and KS2 children are taught Spelling through the use of EdShed’s Spelling Shed. 
In all classes, our English provision is based around accessing quality texts and high quality teacher modelling to support and expand vocabulary using The Write Stuff approach of Initiate, Model and Engage. 
Children learning their phonetic sounds access books through either their phonics lesson during Read Write Inc. which are in line with their phonetic knowledge. Children who are reviewing and embedding their phonics, from Year 2 upwards, have high quality book banded guided reading books to read in small groups. Children in LKS2 and UKS2, are taught reading through the Reciprocal Reading approach to reading.  
Children who are still completing the Read Write Inc. phonics programme all take home a book which is linked directly to their phonics knowledge and book covered in the previous weeks phonic teaching. Using the colour book bands, children throughout the school are given a book to take home and read appropriate to their reading ability.  
Where a need is identified, children from Year 2 upwards have their English learning supplemented using the IDL programme.
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Children are taught to practically problem solve and reason from the Early Years to Year 6 using the objectives from The White Rose Scheme of learning for Mathematics. 

Teaching enables these objectives to be mastered through ‘steps’ of key learning which is taught on a sequential basis. These concepts are then continually repeated throughout the year throughout a variety of other topic areas. At Flookburgh, we aim to include many practical activities for children which are promoted and embedded across the other curriculum areas such as measuring distances in PE or reading notation in music.  

Children are then assessed termly on the objectives from the blocks of work, through the White Rose Assessment programme. These are split into two assessments: arithmetic (number sentences work) and reasoning and problem solving (word problems and analysis). The outcomes of these assessments inform teacher planning and lesson delivery to ensure that each child has a personalised learning experience. 

Additionally, children’s fluency and accuracy of their multiplication tables is furthered by the school’s use of Big Maths Learn-its and ‘Times Table Rock Stars’. Children are also introduced to other age-appropriate maths related games within their own classrooms.


Science is a much-valued part of our curriculum at Flookburgh CE Primary School! We love to investigate the world around us, developing ways to explore and record how various aspects of our environment interact to produce the phenomena we see. Children are encouraged to see Science as a tool through which they can gain an understanding of the universe as a whole, ranging from everyday occurrences to distance galactic events!

Each science lesson is focussed around the concepts of working scientifically; these help our children to develop the skills which will allow them to become independent scientists for themselves.

Flookburgh CE Primary School is wonderfully situated with expansive grounds, including our own woodland and close vicinity to the local shoreline at Sandgate.  These fabulous ‘doorstep’ resources, enable us to make great use of our local, natural environment which help bring scientific concepts to life. 

To ensure that the science provision meets the needs of all children, Flookburgh CE Primary School is well equipped with resources to bring each topic to life. We are constantly adding to our resources and outreach opportunities through our links with, for example, the British Science Association, BAE Systems STEM Ambassadors as well as collaboration with Science teachers from our local secondary school.

Please use the link below to find out more about the National Curriculum how we have designed our curriculum in school to meet the unique needs of our children:

National Curriculum overview for years 1-6

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